Multiple Double Cardan (CV)

Yoke Type Multiple Double Cardan

Flange Type Multiple Double Cardan

The multiple double cardan drive shaft can be built by us for almost any application. It is used in applications where good drive shaft geometry cannot be obtained for a more conventional drive shaft and needs to run smoothly at high speeds. Commonly this would be a applications such as a Grand Cherokee or Land Rover front drive shaft where the pinion angle cannot be adjusted without adversely effecting the steering caster. Or any application where you have substantial compound angles (an angle as viewed from both the side and top).

Prices start at $454 and may also require changing the transfer case and or pinion flange/yoke.

Note: Most drive shafts shown in photos are polished and clear coated, this finish adds $25 the cost. We only recommend the polish & clear coat for show vehicles or very dry climates.
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